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Created by OneNate,
Founder & CEO

Tové fuses the best aspects of a carefully orchestrated playlist and a Live DJ. This service has been intentionally designed to empower you to engage with the songs you love in ways that will satisfy you musical desires. Enjoy an Interactive Playlist (Creating a desirable atmosphere), Add & Request music throughout the event, Participate in music challenges (optional), or test out their skills as a DJ (optional)!

OneNate - The DJ Conductor and Tové

How it works

1. You will receive a Music Preference Page via email which will enable those with the link to
add suggested Songs/Artists to the Interactive Playlist for your event.

2. We then take this information and use it as a guide to create the Interactive Playlist.

3. On event day, one of our Tové DJ's will set up/breakdown the equipment, play the pre-
selected music, and be the on-site representative for the duration of the event.

4. Throughout the event, you and other event attendees will have the opportunity to request
songs/artists, use the wireless microphone (including for performances), or access the
professional tools of our system to have an authentic DJ experience.

*The Tové DJ will answer questions & guide attendees through how to use the system

*Speakers, Wireless Microphone, and Headphones are included with this service

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Watch Tove' in Action

Our Services Have Been Utilized For:

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