If you’ve made it to this point of your relationship, Congratulations!

You’re celebrating the next level of commitment with someone who values you so much, that they can’t imagine living the rest of their life without you…thats incredible.

So what now? Well, what lays ahead in this journey are more expenses, those that come with having a wedding. There’s the dress, venue, coordinator, decorator, caterer, the DJ Conductor, and a bunch of other people and services you don’t feel like thinking about right now…
With all that said, you’re not looking to spend a bunch of money celebrating a day that will cost you more money…are you? If the answer is no, then the Engagement Party Playlist may end up becoming your best friend!

Great music makes any party significantly better. I would imagine that between planning this party, work, and other responsibilities that come with being an adult, putting together a playlist may not be ideal for your schedule. But that’s fine, DJ OneNate had you in mind when he created this collection of songs that will keep your engagement party rocking all night…or at least until you’re ready for everyone to leave.

Combining today’s top hits with other party classics, you’ll be sure to dance laugh and toast the night away with friends and family in a way that is both memorable and easy on your bank account.

So congratulations again, I’m excited for you, I wish you the very best, and I will be honored to provide music to commemorate this beautiful occasion!