Most of us were taught to associate the word “Perfect” with unrealistic or impossible, and it seems that we’ve accepted this notion into our reality. So much so that a “Good Day” is often times believed to be the best kind of day we can have. But is “Good” good enough for your Event?

Greetings, I’m OneNate – The DJ Conductor, it’s a pleasure to meet you.  The information provided on this page and inside of the How-To-Guide located below(Download for free) will show you how to prevent a DJ from ruining your Private Party or Special Event. Because of the enormity of these occasions, I feel compelled to give you the tools necessary for effectively choosing the right individual tasked with providing the music. Every word is for your benefit, so take your time, soak in as much as you can, and find out how to save your party from a DJ.

The Difference

What do you think is the greatest attribute of a DJ? Most would say it’s their ability to control the room by playing the right music at the right time for the right people. Well, expecting this from a DJ is unreasonable. What we just described are the attributes of a DJ Conductor.

A DJ Conductor is someone who strategically orchestrates music in a way that creates a desirable atmosphere for his or her audience.

Qualify Your Prospect

When narrowing down whom to book for your Private Party or Special Event, ask each prospect for references. It’s important to be intentional throughout this vetting process, so seek to hear from other companies, executive meeting planners, etc. who have been in your position. If your prospect has been a club DJ, great; if they’ve DJ’ed birthday parties, wonderful; office parties, excellent: but what about their experience as a DJ Conductor for events such as yours?

Can you remember the last time you heard a bad DJ? Was it when you were at the club with your friends and you all heard a song you really liked, started singing it, and then immediately became frustrated because the DJ changed the song right before your favorite part? Was it when you went to a corporate event and saw everyone standing around complaining about the music because it seemed like the DJ played everything no one wanted to hear? Or maybe it was when the dance floor was packed at a party you were attending until the DJ played a song that absolutely killed every vibe in the room.

Dj’s don’t read crowds, they aren’t meticulous about their song selections, they don’t create a desirable atmosphere, and they won’t expand your vision, they’ll limit it.

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