“Every day, in every way, I will be, a BetterMe”.

As a lover of all things entertainment and personal growth, DJ OneNate is exceedingly proud to be the resident DJ Conductor for the Atlanta-based BetterMe Fit For Life Live Music Workout Party. During these parties, you will receive body transforming training from experienced group fitness specialists and enjoy delicious foods/juices/smoothies from reputable all-natural health vendors. BetterMe events are the perfect place to work at reaching your fitness goals, learn how to maintain results, develop positive nutritional habits, and of course, vibe to great live music. Experience what it’s like to spend your Sunday afternoons with people who are looking to improve themselves in every way. Let’s work together to stop settling for mediocrity and start achieving excellence. Secure your spot for the party now, you’ll be happy you made this valuable investment in yourself.

When: Sundays from 2:00pm to 2:45pm (Arrive for check-in at 1:45pm)

Where: Rhythma Studios (555 Whitehall St. SW #R18, Atlanta, Ga 30303)

Price: $10 per class


NaJuan Hamari Bio (Trainer)

I’ve been in the fitness industry for 10 years. My original objective was to get my body sculpted for a career as a professional model, but soon I fell in love with the results and the euphoria from a grueling workout. Eventually, people began to notice and wanted me to assist them on their fitness journeys. But I’ve never felt comfortable giving advice without having the facts to back it up, so I went to PCI for Kinesiology and completed classes/workshops to become a certified trainer. Motivated by an increasingly obese population, I want to do my part and fight back for healthier and happier living.

Kmil Bio (Trainer)

Kamilah “K-Mil” Williams is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Keiser Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor and Motivational Coach here in her hometown of Atlanta, GA.

After losing over 30lbs and overcoming personal health issues, Kmil launched FLY [First Love Yourself] Fitness in 2016. She has now turned her passion for fitness into a life-changing program that has attracted a clientele of all ages and backgrounds. Her mission is to break the cycle of inactivity while helping others love themselves from the inside-out!

Stay FLY [First Love Yourself]

Put in the work. Be consistent. No excuses. Get results


Rhythma Studios
555 Whitehall St. SW #R18
Atlanta, Ga 30303

Class Info

Name: BetterMe Live Music Workout Party

Class Duration: 45min

Day & Time: Sundays 2:00pm – 2:45pm (Arrive for check-in at 1:45pm)

*Street and Lot parking available*(Look for Rhythma Studios Signs for parking options)

        Cost: $10 per Party

*Pay & Secure your spot for the party online*

*If you’re interested in becoming a vendor, send us an email at info@djonenate.com expressing your interest, products/services, and contact information.